Hair Extensions


We do all types of extensions, color matching and techniques.

Erica Davis Salon & Spa is a certified "HotHeads" & "So.Cap.USA" Hair Extension Salon.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat.

 So.Cap.USA® Hair Extension products are among the finest in the world.  Their original hair extensions and specialized bonding equipment is produced in a private factory in Naples, Italy, and are second to none.  So.Cap.USA hair is available in 81 colors which are available in straight, wavy and curly.  The hair is hand selected, 100% human hair and is pre-bonded with 100% Keratin Protein Tips to ensure a healthy and strong bond that lasts from 3 to  6 months.  Each strand is 100% unprocessed human hair with no silicone coat leaving the extensions looking completely natural.

   We also offer other top brands and prices. Custom Clip In Extensions & Snap In Color Pops~

Full head, fill-in's, extra thickness, length and both wavy or straight!

Techniques We Use

Bonded (No Heat) Technique

This is our most popular technique. Wefts of hair are added with a special patented tab system.  These extensions last for months and can be removed and reused.  Highly economical and beautiful.  100% human hair.

Strand by Strand Technique

With this technique, a few single strands of hair  are attached to small sections of your own hair one by one using the highest standard of fusion technology combined with the use of an exclusive bonding machine.  This technique gives the most natural feeling and lasting form of extensions. 

Custom Clip Ins

Custom matched and made for your hair.  Clip them in and out whenever you want a different look.

Pricing is by consultation and will vary depending on the amount and length of hair desired.  (See our Gallery Photo Page for photos of our work)

All consultations are complimentary.